Our Team

Jonathan Zarra
96 Articles

Lover of video games, coffee, and cats. When I'm not working on a new project, you can find me playing the Switch.

Maya Lindsey
35 Articles

My first love is video games, next comes pastels, then animals, and finally memes! You can follow my socials if you'd like to see some things I look at in my spare time (mostly gaming related).

Jeremy Dircks
27 Articles

I get nautical sometimes. A degree in Criminology and Poli Sci. Alas I enjoy the virtual world of monsters and gaming, with a fascination for collectibles!

Chad Wohlgemuth
25 Articles

I am a gamer in his 30's who has had to adapt to entering the workforce while finding time to game. I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest video game news and playing games from the NES all the way to Xbox one, Playstation 4 and Nintendo switch.

2 Articles

The first game I beat was Pokémon Blue on an old Gameboy Pocket. Since then, I've continued collecting cards and trading 'mons.

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