About Us

Our love for Nintendo products does does not blind us; we will always to the best of our abilities be forthcoming in our information. Our job here and what we strive to do is to relay Nintendo news and our opinions in an honest, open, clear and concise manner, regardless if the subject matter at hand is a positive or a negative.


Switcher.gg was created out of pure passion and love for Nintendo. Originally started in 2018 as a matchmaking service for the Nintendo Switch, the site has grown over the years and has become so much more than that. Today, we not only help Nintendo Switch players find friends to play with online, but we also publish our own daily news, write opinions and reviews, and post some of the most in depth, information heavy wiki guides you will find online (here is an example of one).

Ethics Disclosure / Journalistic Integrity

This website is solely a part of Switcher.gg and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo. We are not a part of a large corporate entity, have no outside shareholders, have taken no outside funding, and are free to do and say as we please. Ads that are run on Switcher.gg come from third party ad networks.  Any direct sponsored content from advertisers will be clearly stated and not hidden.

Many of the writers of this website have previously worked on other gaming news websites prior to this; this is not our first rodeo. In the event that we receive a product in exchange for a review, the review itself will clearly state this. Companies may not purchase reviews from us, our opinions and honest reviews are not for sale. We value your time and money and refuse to waste either. If you do not see a statement saying that we received a copy of that product to review, we purchased that item ourselves.

We have respect for our readers and will do our best to convey that effectively through our practices. For without all of you, this ship would have gone down long ago.

Thank you for reading; please reach out to us and let us know if you have any questions: [email protected].