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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Switch

Release Date: (2020)
Publisher: Nintendo

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Game Details

  • Number of Players: 1
  • Game Type: animal_life, simulation
  • Rating: 3 - Pegi.
  • Price: $72.48
  • Online Play: No Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Required


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  • #Nintendo Switch Online: SNES and NES Depends. I don’t play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, nor Animal Crossing New Horizons so I can’t take advantage of the DLC included for those games in the expansion pack. I love the Genesis and N64 games but I barely play them. The N64 games when played online with 3-4 players will often lag. And despite all of that, it’s still worth it *for me* because I split the Expansion Pack family plan with a full group of 8 ($10 per person) rather than pay for an indiv...
  • #General who has animal crossing new horizons
  • #General animal crossing new horizons
  • #General Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • #Animal Crossing New Horizons I downloaded Animal crossing new horizons so
  • Where can I find a Nintendo Switch in store? I'm going to assume that you meant **where can I find a Nintendo Switch in stock**? It is pretty rough right now in terms of finding a switch console for sale online. The shortage has been caused by various different factors, but the current health crisis mixed with the release of animal crossing new horizons (and switch reselling/buying bots), switch consoles have run dry. There was a report not too long ago that stated that Nintendo plans t...
  • #General I am interested in animal crossing new horizons but i got bored with animal crossing new leaf and i dont want that happening
  • #Nintendo Switch News In case you missed it today, here is the video for the Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Direct:
  • #Nintendo Directs praying for animal crossing news 🙏
  • #Animal Crossing New Horizons This is the thread for #animal-crossing-new-horizons. This thread is connected to our discord channel. Posts made here will be sent to the #diablo-3 discord for users to respond back. For more info on Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch, you can check out its game info page here:

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918 users have added this game. Usually if a player adds a title to their games list, they likely had a positive experience with it. When we combine the total number of players who own this title with some other behind the scenes factors, this game definitely seems to be worth it. We recommend picking it up. That being said, at $72.48, this game isn't exactly cheap and we can understand if you would like to do some more research before purchasing.

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