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  • About Me: I'm the creator of! Feel free to message me with any questions.
  • Discord: chownk#6982
  • Nintendo Friendcode: 6631-6180-0768
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  • 2 days ago
    #General wasn't comfortable doing what you wanted and I don't know why anyone else would be either. If it happens again, you will be banned immediately. Please be respectful of the other users here....
  • 1 week ago
    #General The channel has a lot of people here who play ACNH
  • 4 weeks ago
    #General @Remkuza please don't be self promoting here.
  • 1 month ago
    #General *everyone* is fantastic
  • 1 month ago
    #General hey there! welcome to video game land
  • 1 month ago
    #General NP, thanks for helping me find that bug 😛
  • 1 month ago
    #General there was a bug. should be fixed now. let me know if you see any bugs on the bot in the future 🙂