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Overcooked! 2 - Switch

Release Date: (2018)
Publisher: Team17

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Game Details

  • Number of Players: 4
  • Game Type: party, strategy
  • Rating: 3 - Pegi.
  • Price: $19.99
  • Usable Controllers: nintendo switch pro controller
  • Online Play: Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Required


Overcooked! 2 Switch Trailer

Overcooked! 2 - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
It's time to journey back to the Onion Kingdom! Chop, fry and serve your way through a new helping of co-operative culinary chaos in Overcooked! 2, available ...

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  • #General Anyone down for overcooked 2 it’s free right now for Nintendo online members
  • #General Anyone play overcooked 2?
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Anybody up for UNO or overcooked 2?
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games We need a 3rd for OverCooked 2 ... our kitchen is burning and there’s rice everywhere
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Anybody up for Overcooked 2?
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Anybody have overcooked 2 ? I’m going to play it right now but it’s going to be my first time. So I apologise if I’m slow.
  • #General looking for cool peoples to play overcooked 2 with c:
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games @Kiefmaster I play overcooked 2
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Any overcooked 2 players?
  • #Introductions Hi I’m Madi from Texas, I’m in my mid-20s, and tbh I’m kinda bad at video games but I still love to play them! Sadly, all of my gamer friends are strictly on Xbox so I literally have zero ppl in my Friends List :(. I’m looking to add some chill people to play online Switch/voice chat with from time to time. I have multiplayer games like Splatoon 2, Smash, MarioKart, and I’m about to buy Overcooked 2, Astro Bears, and Dragon Quest Builders 2, maybe. I’m down for whate...
  • #Introductions Hi, Im Mirai. I’m new to Nintendo and I’m looking for ppl who is down to play online with me (any game and I’ll buy it) jk I’m broke. Anyway, I love all of the games I’ve gotten ahold of so far. I got Yomawari, Undertale, Deltarune (like the spin-off undertale) Super Smash Bros, Arena of Valor, Overcooked 2 and Mario Kart 8. I’m from Canada, and I look forward to making friends with yall
  • #General Anybody wanna play overcooked 2 right now
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games @ThomasCasson you down for some overcooked 2 on switch?
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Hey guys, im hoping to find some people that are good at overcooked 2 that could help me through the story missions? My rl friends suck at the game 😫

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459 users have added this game. Usually if a player adds a title to their games list, they likely had a positive experience with it. When we combine the total number of players who own this title with some other behind the scenes factors, this game definitely seems to be worth it. We recommend picking it up. That being said, at $19.99, this game isn't exactly cheap and we can understand if you would like to do some more research before purchasing.

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Overcooked 2. Developed by Team17 Digital Ltd and Ghost Town Games Ltd © 2018. Published by Team17 Digital Ltd. Team17 is a trademarks or registered trademarks of Team17 Digital Limited. All other trademarks, copyrights and logos are property of their respective owners.
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