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  • About Me: RPGs, JRPGs, Metroidvanias, and Castlevania SOTN are my favorite. I also do Smash, Rocket League, and any other fun co-ops.
  • Discord: bigboss#4242
  • Nintendo Friendcode: 0465-2581-5519

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  • 6 months ago
    #Diablo 3 Anyone down for Diablo III?
  • 7 months ago
    #Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sup y’all! Here’s my room. Room: Heatwave. PW: 0428
  • 7 months ago
    #Other Nintendo Switch Games > Add me with friend code : SW-4447-1524-9505 > Il play usually : Northgard ,Resident evil revelations 2, sega classics, rocket league, nes,snes ,Risk ,monopoly,...
  • 7 months ago
    #General Greetings everyone. Does anyone play Dragon Marked for Death?