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Warface - Switch

Release Date: (2020)
Publisher: MY.COM

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Game Details

  • Number of Players: Up to 32 players
  • Game Type: Action, First-Person
  • Rating: Teen - Blood, Violence, In-Game Purchases, Users Interact.
  • Price: Free


  • "DIVE INTO BATTLE! Warface is an online first-person shooter like no other. Battle across 50+ multiplayer PvP maps, tackle tough PvE raids in co-op, and unleash a vast arsenal of 200+ realistic customizable weapons."

    Join over 80 million players worldwide, and play for free now!   MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM Experience multiple thrilling PvP game modes. Fight for glory across more than 50 multiplayer maps based on locations around the planet, and even beyond it.

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Community Activity

  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games I play Warface, Pokémon unite and other I just don’t have Diablo 2 or etc.
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Naruto storm 4?? Warface?? Or some diablo 2 or 3 anyone???!!! Hmu!
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Anyone play warface
  • #Warface Anyone wanna play warface
  • #Monster Hunter I try to play a lot of warframe, warface and others as well
  • #Monster Hunter I play a lot of warface, like warframe, dc online, mk11, Friday the 13th, dragon's dogma, among us, and others
  • #General Friday the 13th, monster hunter, dragon's dogma, warface, warframe and others
  • #General Who wonna load up some warface
  • #Introductions Hey guys I don't play Switch as often as I like. I had money troubles so I had to get rid of Assassin's Creed Collections, Mortal Kombat 11. I still have Zelda, The Witcher 3, and Skyrim and intend on getting much much more next year. As far as free I play Warface, Warframe, Dauntless and a few others. And I've bough Friday the 13th, Farming Sim 19?, Dragon Risen, Monster Hunter Generations and others.
  • #General Oh no wait we do have paladins and warface.
  • #General Not exactly sure which thread is the best place to start so I guess I’ll just start here So I love the typical games like Smash, Splatoon, and MarKart but if you also play games such as Ninjala, Paladins, Warface, or Smite hmu
  • #Introductions welcome, I only have warface as far as same games, but I'm aiming to get more of same ones soon, welcome to add or wait till I send request.
  • #Introductions @Pizzca sorry I missed your message from earlier, I'm send you friend request when I boot switch up later if you aren't on it already. I haven't played warface very long either and barely started warframe but I'm having to reinstall it because it was cleared to shift games for space. Still looking for people to play DC universe online with though too.
  • #Warface I play it normally both pve and pvp, trying to make space for Warframe again. I actually like warface more than cod franchise, and maybe some bf.
  • #Introductions No biggy I've barely started Warframe and warface I just did tutorial, but I can tell they are some of best games

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