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Paladins - Switch

Release Date: (2018)
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios

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Game Details

  • Number of Players: 10
  • Game Type: action, first_person_shooter, shooter
  • Rating: 12 - Pegi.
  • Price: Free
  • Usable Controllers: nintendo switch pro controller
  • Online Play: No Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Required


Paladins Switch Trailer

Paladins for Nintendo Switch - Announcement Trailer
The hit fantasy team-based shooter Paladins is coming to Nintendo Switch! Join more than 25 million players with cross-platform multiplayer and 60 FPS hero ...

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Community Activity

  • #General Because there is a lot of quality free to play games like Rocket League and Paladins
  • #Paladins Paladins
  • #Paladins Hey everyone, if anyone wanna play some matches in paladins, let me know
  • #Paladins Always up for Paladins
  • #General Yo guys I’m new to this $#!T I was searching up on the internet where I could find people to play fortnite, paladins, Pokemon, warframe, or super smash bro’s with hit me if anybody lies tryna add me on Nintendo 🤙🏽💯
  • #General Oh paladins vc doesnt work
  • #General Guys u have any idea if voice chat works on switch for paladins game ?
  • #Introductions Guys u have any idea if voice chat works on switch for paladins game ?
  • #Paladins Guys who’s up for paladins note : lol I’m still a noob 😂I’ve just started it and I’m on level 6
  • #General Oh no wait we do have paladins and warface.
  • #General Not exactly sure which thread is the best place to start so I guess I’ll just start here So I love the typical games like Smash, Splatoon, and MarKart but if you also play games such as Ninjala, Paladins, Warface, or Smite hmu
  • #Paladins anyone up for some paladins? switch, eu, level 27, IO main
  • #Introductions Hi! My name is Lauralie but most people call me L. I play on my switch lite daily. My go to games are Paladins, Animal Crossing, Dead by Daylight, & Warframe. My friend code is SW-2554-1039-9123
  • #Introductions @everyone Hi :) I cant see the games you have on since the images seem to be broken, but we probably have a game or two that match up. The games I have are -Mario Kart 8 -Splatoon 2 -Minecraft -Overwatch -Fortnite -Paladins -Uno -team sonic racing I dont vc so i hope thats okay? My discord is jeyolive#2335 if you want to text chat. SW-3858-7862-7191 is my friend code. Im free anytime to play from 8am-8pm cst. Just let me ...
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Anyone wanna paladins?

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Is Paladins worth it?

815 users have added this game. Usually if a player adds a title to their games list, they likely had a positive experience with it. Considering that this game is free, you really don't have much to lose by giving it a shot. If you find that you don't like it, you can always uninstall the game later to free up space on your console. When we combine the total number of players who own this title with some other behind the scenes factors, this game definitely seems to be worth it. We recommend picking it up.

Worth it!


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