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NORTH - Switch
Release Date: (2018)
Publisher: Sometimes You

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Game Details

  • Number of Players: 1
  • Game Type: adventure, puzzle
  • Rating: 7 - Pegi.
  • Price: $2.69
  • Usable Controllers: nintendo switch pro controller
  • Online Play: No Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Required


  • "In NORTH, you play a man who applies for asylum in a city filled with strange creatures and strange customs."

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Bad North

NORTH Switch Trailer

NORTH - Switch Release Trailer [NOA] Release date: 06/03/2018.

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  • #General I was wondering.. what do young people think about the NSO? I love playing the back catalog of NES, SNES games and cannot wait for N64 and Megadrive (Genesis in North America) BUT these were the systems i grew up on.. do these games really strike a punch with people whose first consoles were ps2 and above?
  • #General I think north wales is pretty good spot though just a nother location
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games > Add me with friend code : SW-4447-1524-9505 > Il play usually : Northgard ,Resident evil revelations 2, sega classics, rocket league, nes,snes ,Risk ,monopoly, road redemtion , payday2 Sup Froad, I dig your games. Let’s play RER2, RL, or SNES some time.
  • #General I'm in North East Michigan, so preferably someone East Coast please. Just shoot me a DM whenever. 🙂
  • #Animal Crossing New Horizons @hack.ric I'm northern hemisphere.
  • #Animal Crossing New Horizons Hi guys, anyone in northern hemisphere (march) open? I would like to do some fishing!
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Northgard is that good huh. I’ll check it out
  • #Super Smash Bros. Ultimate its only north america
  • #Super Smash Bros. Ultimate i wanted to enter the splatoon one but again, only north america
  • #Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Anyone actually entering nintendo's north america open lol
  • #Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2 jonny street, north pole, i'll be waiting with a hot choccolate
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Anyone wanna play northguard ?
  • #Introductions Wassup y'all. I'm grown, in North America, and mainly looking for anyone who plays Payday 2 and is interested in doing some heists together (I'm sure being able to actually chat will make things go much more smoothly). I'm not able to send out my FC atm, so just mention me if you're interested!
  • #General Speaking of Smash-There was a Nintendo North America Open
  • #Diablo 3 NA = North America

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