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  • About Me: Down for some online play and local co-op! Hit me up, let's get some games in! Hit me up!
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  • 2 years ago
    #General We're working to add our 12th fire emblem character soon
  • 2 years ago
    #General Sorry, but mickey and spongebob don't have swords
  • 2 years ago
    #General Sorry can't be killed. That wasn't included in the Disney contract.
  • 2 years ago
    #General How is everyone liking Sora, the beloved new character that I added to Smash?
  • 2 years ago
    #General You guys think the rumors are real or naw
  • 2 years ago
    #General Apparently nintendo officially denied the claims, but they've denied multiple other things before only to later reveal them
  • 2 years ago
    #General So that new 4k switch eh?