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  • About Me: Looking for friends to game with.
  • Discord: Jbr33zy#1255
  • Nintendo Friendcode: 3184-0303-3150

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  • 3 years ago
    #General Auyehhhhhhhuuuuuuuuu
  • 3 years ago
    #General Super late to be asking, lol, but are you playing Stardew Valley on Switch or Desktop? Can you either invite me or DM me the Invite Code? My friend code for Switch is 3184-0303-3150.
  • 3 years ago
    #General Have you created a farm to host yet? Let me know when you do, I’m down to play anytime.
  • 3 years ago
    #General Yes. Haven’t really had a chance to play it, but I’ll hop on when I get off work this afternoon.
  • 3 years ago
    #General I’d be down too. I’ll download it today and see what’s up. I appreciate you reaching out.
  • 3 years ago
    #General Nope, should I get it 😊
  • 3 years ago
    #General If anyone ever wants to play anything online, especially retro/platformers (but I’m down for anything), feel free to hit me up anytime on here. I’m always looking for friends to play online ...