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The Wii & Switch are the only Nintendo consoles to sell more than their predecessor

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  1. andrewsqual says:

    Exactly. Been saying it for the longest time. Nintendo got lucky with the Switch. They have released more flop consoles than massively successful ones.

  2. fanc says:

    What? The NES, Wii, 3DS, Switch? All of these consoles have been HUGE successes.

  3. Stud Kickass says:

    I smell a Sony fanboy.

  4. Obi-tron_Kenobi says:

    The NES sold more than its predecessor, the Color TV-Game. The NES sold 61.9 million units while the Color TV-Game sold only 3 million.

  5. tyler says:

    Nintendo Color TV Game Pong Clones and Arcade Machines in my opinion do not constitute as traditional Nintendo consoles. These were one offs, with the color TV being a pong console, not a console to play multiple games. You can’t really compare the two equally.

  6. darkmaester says:

    Color TV-Game is listed nowhere on nintendo’s website under console sales, so it’s not included.

  7. Tru Teller says:

    SNES failed when compared to NES, N64 failed when compared to SNES, GameCube failed when compared to N64 and Wii U failed compared to Wii. So, let’s see NES outsold its predecessor, SNES didn’t, N64 didn’t, GameCube didn’t, Wii did, Wii U didn’t, Switch did. So, that’s 3 out of 7 that were a success, and 4 failures. Less than 50%, what a great number!

  8. Tru Teller says:

    3DS failed compared to DS, not even half a many as its predecessor, and it had a longer lifespan than DS, yet still couldn’t even reach half a many as DS!

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