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Diablo II: Resurrected Nintendo Switch Servers Are Down

diablo II resurrected nintendo switch servers down
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  1. Zach says:

    I played for 2 hours last night. 2 hours after 72 hours of outages. Literally every morning the servers are down, as they are now. I’d say about 4 out of ever 5 attempts to play the servers are down.
    What’s worse than the servers though is the fact the developers willfully removed the ability for console players to communicate or trade, which is a keystone of the d2 online experience. Without the ability to create , name, and join games through a lobby list, or even the ability to communicate beyond a few responses on a poorly conceived chat-wheel, you cannot hope to trade into a character’s gear. It took getting through the game to the high 70s before I realized the rare rune drop I got, but didn’t need, was completely useless and got me no closer to what I do need.
    To top it all off Blizzard is blaming Pindle spamming for creating too many games, but the matchmaker they implemented on consoles creates a new game 9 times out of 10 when people are actively trying to play together. This stupid matchmaker would reduce the games created by magnitudes. The servers can’t handle that single bad decision, I doubt the problem would be as bad if they’d just replicated the matchmaking on the original game, like a proper remaster. Blizzard is such a disappointment.

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