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Nintendo Is Removing Animal Crossing New Horizons Islands For “Hacked” Items Because A Youtuber Is Reporting Them

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  1. BeARealGamer says:

    Actually, it takes an in-game screen shot! So kinda easy for Nintendo to know if they are or have hacked items.
    Rules are simple, are they not?
    Amazing how the Nintendo community can’t play a game aimed at children. Yes, many adults play it. But hackers suck.
    I hate hackers in any game. And it goes against the user agreement policy. People think they bought it, they can do what they want?
    Actually, if you’re gonna claim to be a gamer than educate yourself.
    When you “BUY” a game, it gives you the right to play that licensed game. BUT Nintendo still owns it. There for you do not have the right to hack and cheat, and even obtaining hacked items are wrong.
    Amazing how these little “gamers” don’t know this.
    It really isn’t complicated. Other than for cheaters that think they are above the rules.
    I don’t feel bad for them at all.
    People on ACNL had towns destroyed by malicious hackers.
    Just a matter of time and that will start again.
    But these are the same people that complain about almost everything in the game, don’t want to earn anything, just want everything now and go to any means to make things the way they want. Don’t like the game? Go create your own. And for God sakes, can Nintendo people not hack everything they play? Gamers my ass. Little children that are adults that can’t follow guidelines. Sad, their adults.
    About time Nintendo takes it seriously. Because every other system and dev company crack down on it as well.
    Again you don’t own it!! Just the right to play it.

  2. Kristin says:

    Maybe that’s why 6 out if 10 characters ended their conversations with me by saying”little bitch”. I thought I was being punked and looked over my shoulder bahaha

  3. Disappointed Writer says:

    It is a shame that people see the need to call authoritative figures when people are doing something that in no way impacts anyone else’s user experience. It reminds me of that lady who called the cops on what BEAREALGAMER (Who claims hackers completely destroy/remove islands and has thus far refused to provide proof) and his ilk would call “minorities” for having a barbeque at a park. Gaming has become a toxic hobby in which people feel the need to be “better” than others and are willing to harm the community to get a headpat from the people making the rules.

    It makes me very embarrassed to be a Nintendo fan, where were these people when Gameshark and Action Replay were promoting hacked Pokemon trades on the Nintendo DS or 3DS? Nowhere, because it wasn’t hip to suck up to the man back then. I have no doubt in my mind that the people complaining today are the same people who used cheat codes in the past on older games. I hope these people are able to internally reflect on their own insecurities and admit that they do not want other people having fun if the type of fun is different from their own twisted and exclusionary definition of “fun”.

  4. Carl says:

    From what I’ve heard he’s also reporting people for having LGBTQ flag patterns or anything to do with black lives matter. Face it, Verlisify is a jerk who has all the freetime in the world to be a jerk because he’s a jerk with no friends who want to spend time with him. The fact that he is going out of his way to be the Animal Crossing police is childish. It’d be one thing if you stumbled onto cheating in passing, but he’s going out of his way to do this because he has nothing better to do in life. Whatever your stance on cheating in a video games is, you should also take a dim view of online bullying too. Two wrongs don’t make it suddenly ok.

  5. Not Surprised says:

    Disagree or not, I find it hilarious that anyone who already knows who Verlisify is probably isn’t surprised he did this. It’s his MO.

  6. CapitalHomeLolz says:

    Is there an option to block a person from going to your world? I’d recommend blocking this dude from your world regardless if you got item’s in or not. He sucks, and no surprise since he’s a furry.

  7. Disappointed says:

    Let’s not forget that he and his minions also report people for other things like having horror themed island or even BLM custom content.

  8. Ricky C says:

    Imagine how sad a life you’d have to live to report other players for something this trivial. “This isn’t trivial to some people.” Okay, sure. A lot of people have found ACNH to be therapeutic. I’m one of them.

    But it’s still just a stupid little video game about the pleasures of consumerism.

    So. In summation:

    F*ck narcs.

  9. Seiyaneo says:

    Hey, I didnt knownanything about this guy but certainly his action are not wrong at all, but what amaze me is the behavior of certain people who condemned him for reporting someone who is not following the rules, hey this is not real life but it should be mandatory to follow rules from a well educated society.

  10. Martyn Hare says:

    BEAREALGAMER should practice what his nickname preaches.

    Real gamers can and do take advantage of glitches and alter memory addresses to get stuff they’re otherwise locked out of once they’ve completed things the normal way. Never heard of Action Replay? Did you never glitch yourself a Mew and a load of rare candy in Pokemon? Have you never had post-game fun on a game you thoroughly played by absolutely breaking the way it is meant to work?

    All this modern day agreement nonsense is killing the fun for people who want to get the most out of their own stuff. It’s one of the reasons I stopped buying new games. The older stuff is just better.

  11. NazzaN says:

    Realgamer, I TOTALLY agree with you! F*$& hackers ❤️🔥

  12. Pau no Cu says:

    Seriously switcher? Are you defending hacking?

    Man, you are the worst. Be salty. I will report some islands too.

  13. Edward says:

    I also read that he is going after islands that have LGBT+ content and BLM content! This is why people can’t have anything because other people ruin it for everyone else!

  14. Luis says:

    Dream Ball Raichu, anyone? Typical Verlisifail.

  15. Vill says:

    I report islands too and I remove any time traveler from friends.

  16. Cat says:

    VILL that is so pathetically sad.

  17. DD says:

    How uptight of a person do you have to be that because an arbitrary rule exists, it MUST be followed? Hacking in the way it’s been used in ACNH has zero effect on gameplay – on ANYONE’S gameplay. It’s analogous to using Lego people instead of the official gamepieces when you play Monopoly. You’re not SUPPOSED to do that, but so what? It’s fun and doesn’t bother anyone rational and reasonable.

  18. Pecan says:

    Did someone seriously try to claim Verlis was doing this because he is a furry? Wow, how bigoted do you have to be to think that?

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