Switcher.gg is a platform that helps gamers find other players for local co-op sessions and online multiplayer.
After signing up, players choose which video games they own and want to play and whether they are looking for online play or local co-op. Based on their choices, they are matched with other players. Users go through and find players they'd like to play with. Every user may display their Nintendo friend code and Discord tag for quick and easy adding.
Switcher.gg currently only supports the Nintendo Switch, but we have big plans! We will be expanding to include Microsoft and Sony consoles in the very near future, as well as PC gaming support as well. For the time being, we hope you enjoy connecting with other Switch players.
We are relatively new at this time, so no we do not currently offer mobile apps for Android/iOS device. We plan to roll these out in the near future. For the time being, we have done our best to provide an optimized mobile experience on web while we get our mobile apps completed.