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YouTube - Switch
Release Date: (2018)
Publisher: Google

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Game Details

  • Number of Players: 1
  • Game Type: lifestyle
  • Rating: Exempt - Pegi.
  • Price: Free
  • Usable Controllers: nintendo switch pro controller
  • Online Play: No Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Required


Additional Game Versions

This game has more than one available version. Sometimes these versions are released as collectors editions. Other times, these versions may just be digital or physical release only. These additional versions may include custom hardware, collectibles, extra in game content, DLC, etc.

Youtubers Life OMG Edition

YouTube Switch Trailer

Bloodroots - Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Fast-paced action game BLOODROOTS is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 28! Improvise and adapt to an ever-changing ballet of ultraviolence, in a ...

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  • How to find Nintendo Switch friend code online? Friend codes are a unique series of numbers that are given to user accounts on the Nintendo Switch system. These numbers are linked to Nintendo Accounts and allow other users to add you as a friend to begin playing together online. Friend codes are basically the Nintendo Switch's form of sending and receiving friend requests. How to find your Nintendo Switch friend code 1.) Select the user icon for your Nintendo account from the Switch's home menu. 2.) Select the Profi...
  • #General I don't know if everyone follows the Youtubers but a lot of chatter about Game Boy and Colour joining the Online service. I know most people are probably younger than me here! But I'm very excited if true.
  • #General Tbh I haven't been on the switch in a long ass time though cause I been mainly sticking to my ps5 that or YouTube but I do hop on every once in awhile
  • #Nintendo Switch Online: SNES and NES
  • #Nintendo Switch Online: SNES and NES I'm sure the Internet and YouTubers will rip them to shreds tomorrow and shout at you for liking them
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  • #Monster Hunter @Noodle_205 how far did you get your hr so far? If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. There are also good videos on YouTube. Did you find the tree?
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  • #General If your argument is Nintendo Life is a great source you (a popular youtube channel which dedicated to Nintendo) over Bloomberg.. You are struggling.
  • #Pokemon Sword and Shield I always thought the free trial was for you to use any time you chose, like Switch Online or YouTube Premium.
  • #Nintendo Directs It's about the Directs Nintendo puts out on their YouTube channel
  • #General Yeah i jus seen it on youtube u can do the board game mode and the other modes
  • #General Also this to bring me back to my childhood arcade days:

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