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Resident Evil - Switch
Release Date: (2019)
Publisher: CAPCOM

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Game Details

  • Number of Players: 1
  • Game Type: adventure
  • Rating: 18 - Pegi.
  • Price: $15.99
  • Usable Controllers: nintendo switch pro controller
  • Online Play: No Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Required


Additional Game Versions

This game has more than one available version. Sometimes these versions are released as collectors editions. Other times, these versions may just be digital or physical release only. These additional versions may include custom hardware, collectibles, extra in game content, DLC, etc.

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Resident Evil Switch Trailer

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Community Activity

  • #Introductions Yes I’m ready get the resident evils
  • #Introductions Resident evil games are currently on sale, as are Borderlands, Overwatch, Bioshock, Devil May Cry, Battleship, along with a slew of Indy and kids games. I'm eying that DMC3 since I already own Overwatch and Borderlands
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Who wants to play resident evil 5 desperate escape with me? 🤔🤔
  • #General One of the better resident evils i had a blast replaying through it
  • #General resident evil village , lol
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Hello people, i was wondering if someone here is still playing some of the resident evil games as i need help to collect all the extra costumes for resident evil 6. Unfortunately there's nobody playing the online modes today, so it's kinda difficult to do it now. If someone is insterested on helping, i will be very thankful. 😊
  • #Introductions What’s good everyone, I’m Alioth. Usually playing Resident Evil in some form (Mercenaries enthusiast) or Megaman X. Looking forward to not wait hours for somebody to join a Mercenaries game. nice to meet y’all in advance! Likes: Black Metal, Frosted Cherry Pop Tarts [](url)
  • #General Can anyone recommend me a good resident evil coop online game
  • #General Just picked up resident evil 0, Rayman and bloodstained curse of the moon
  • #General > Resident Evil, next?
  • #General Resident Evil, next?
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games > Add me with friend code : SW-4447-1524-9505 > Il play usually : Northgard ,Resident evil revelations 2, sega classics, rocket league, nes,snes ,Risk ,monopoly, road redemtion , payday2 Sup Froad, I dig your games. Let’s play RER2, RL, or SNES some time.
  • #General i used it for Resident Evil 4 to beat Professional mode, i binded the button under the left side to the run button so i could also quick turn
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games since Resident Evil Revelations 2's release, I kept missing the kill area for the huge creature event to unlock that pain in the butt Raid Mode costume, but I managed to update my game when it was at about 1.3 million HP left and I KILLED it finally
  • #General finally, the recently added Resident Evil games are on sale at $20 each

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