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  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games If u like that game there’s this game called God Wars that’s on sale for $16 in the eshop. People basically say it’s final fantasy tactics gameplay. Although I don’t think it’s nearly as difficult as Into the Breach
  • #Nintendo Switch Online: SNES and NES Borrowed Kirb DL 3 from a friend and Final Fantasy 3 but sadly spent more time with FF III than the former.
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Final fantasy 7 remake release date
  • #General Final fantasy 7 remake release date
  • #General I have not played MK 11 but when Guilty Gear arrives I'd be happy to go a few rounds with ya. I've been on a Final Fantasy kick here lately.
  • #General Who's excited about Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronicles Remaster on Switch this year?
  • #Other Nintendo Switch Games Anyone picked up Final Fantasy XII?
  • #General Looks like the best option is to import a copy of Final Fantasy X and X-2 for the Switch. At least both games will be on two separate cards in one case.
  • #General Buy Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition, go home and have enter a code just to download an almost 100 GB file download just to play the actual game- sounds good to me
  • #General this should be good! I wonder what'll be the issue if any with Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age?
  • #General @Salvador I’ve played the final fantasy games though I may get them just for the portable factor and @MrGame86 how’s the story on it? Is it a grindy game?
  • #General @SashMcFlash no I'm curious if there any good because I only played the the first 6 final fantasy
  • #General Has anyone ever played Final Fantasy 7 or 9?
  • #General @Liam I Think you are I'm just hoping I asked correctly. I wanna get them world of final fantasy before the sale ends just want it to be surprise.
  • #Monster Hunter Behemoth is from the crossover with Final Fantasy

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